International Certification Training

Course Code : IICT
Duration : 30 Modules
Length of Module : 5-1/2 Hours a Day
Method : Interactive Classroom
Price : Rs. 10,000/-

Even if you are a fresher or an experienced Coder who been in the field of Medical Coding for some time, getting International Certification or being an Internationally Certified Coder will always serve as a guide to your career enhancement. An International Certification also yields increased salary and greater success in your Medical Coding Career. International Certification or Credentials are earned through examinations and continued education.

How can International Certification help me?

Earning an International Certification esclates you to a special category, positioning you as a leader, and also a role model in the healthcare arena. It is nothing but an investment in yourself and your long-term career. International certifications can help you:

ITrans, with the support of its Accredited Trainers and Industry Experts, has developed a unique methodology which enables the candidates to face International Certification Exams without any worries. Join our International Certification Program and set aside your worries. We will give you necessary guidance, the right kind of coaching, and the confidence to attend the International Certification Exam, which you have always been lacking.

  • Accelerate your earning potential
  • Exposure to more and better opportunities for career advancement
  • Job mobility and security even in the face of a tough job market
  • Better mileage in your career journey
  • Opportunity to associate with industry experts
  • Wide exposure
  • Connect with a strong network of international-certified peers and an easy entry into a prestigious community of ongoing support.
  • Value enhancement as an employee, which can yield a lot of respect