Dress to Impress

The Basic Etiquette of Dressing.

Course Code : IDTI
Duration : 3 Modules
Length of Module : 30 Minutes
Method : Virtual Classroom
Price : Rs. 1500/-
Trial Module : Yes

Do you know? Ninety percentage of candidates are rejected even before they attend the first question because of Poor Dressing!

People take you seriously ONLY if you are dressed sensibly. Poor dressing indicates that you don't know how to carry yourself and it is no wonder such people are always in aloof.Correct dressing makes you stand apart from the rest of the crowd and thus you will become a role model for others.

"Dress to Impress" helps you to understand the art of dressing formally and correctly. You will also get a fair idea about

  • The difference between Formal, Semiformal, and Casual Dressing
  • Gents Dressing Attire
  • Ladies Dressing Attire
  • Dressing for Occasions
  • Do's and Don'ts of Dressing