How to be a M.E.T.R.O?

Myself Evaluated to Resourcefully Optimize - The art of Self Management

Course Code : ISSM
Duration : 4 Modules
Length of Module : 30 Minutes
Method : Virtual Classroom
Price : Rs. 2000/-
Trial Module : Yes

In today's fast moving and highly demanding world, many people feel stressed out and pressurized. This could be because of many factors. Whatever may be the factors, the net result is unhappiness. Once we are unhappy, then we will start finding excuses for that. Lack of time, lack of support, lack of resources, fate... the list of reasons for unhappiness will go endless. But things will change when you realize that the only one who decides happiness or unhappiness is YOU. How does that happen? That is the power of Self Management! It is true that one need to be ambitious, focused, hard working, goal driven etc. But ultimately it is YOU who have to set your limits. It is YOU who have to find the path. It is YOU who needs to enjoy! Effective self management is critical to the success of the individual. Once the individual is successful, so will be the organisation.

In this world of high competition, more than efficiency, it is the effectiveness that takes the front seat. Once you are effective, you can take full advantage of the time you have. The session "How to be a M.E.T.R.O (Myself Evaluated to Resourcefully Optimize)" will enhance and develop your skills and confidence and enables you to make the most effective use of your time and talents which leads to a comprehensive improvement to all aspects of your life. This session explores and provides vital techniques on

  • The 12 Golden Rules of Self Management
  • How "want" and "Should" make big difference in life
  • How to do a personal SWOT and monitor progress
  • Motivational tools of Self Management
  • How to remain positive?
  • How to do Self-Evaluation and Self-Reinforcement?
  • Four Quadrants of Self Management
  • How to overcome excuses with solutions?