Heard in the Herd

How to be an effective participant in a Group Discussion

Course Code : IGDT
Duration : 3 Modules
Length of Module : 30 Minutes
Method : Virtual Classroom
Price : Rs. 1500/-
Trial Module : Yes

Out of every 25 GDPI (Group Discussion and Personal Interview) calls, only one could covert it to a job!

Whether it is a selection process for the admission to a Business school or initial rounds of a campus placement as part of your MBA program, or even the recruitment to a multi-national company, a Group Discussion is something you will defenitely come across at least once.

Off late, many companies and institutes started considering group discussion as the very first criteria for screening candidates to personal interviews. The reason for taking this as an important criterion is very simple. Present day employee requires communication with different people like team members, managers, and customers. All these call for strong interpersonal and communication skill. Hence, an employee who lacks these skills is no more wanted for a job.

The Good News is, these skills are acquirable. Once properly learned and practised, facing a Group Discussion is just a cakewalk.

"Heard in the Herd" - The step by step training on Effective Group Discussion skills train you on the following modules:

  • Group Discussion and its features
  • The HBT of Group Discussion
  • Assertive v/s Aggressive
  • React v/s Respond
  • IQ - EQ Balancing
  • Ten mistakes everyone commit
  • Art of Listening
  • Discussion v/s Argument
  • Tips to avoid conflicts in GD
  • Dos and Donts of GD